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DYY 6Pcs/Lot 10cm 9g Soft Plastic Craw Flapper

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Weight: 9g


Smell: Bitebass liquid

Package: 6pcs/pack

Model Number: Craw Flapper Soft Bait

Length: 10cm 

Category: Soft Plastic Craw Lure

Target Fish: Any Predatory Fish, especially Bass

Brand Name: DYY


Product Info:


If you are looking for the ultimate jig trailer or Texas-rig bait look no further, the Craw Flapper delivers a profile and action that will test the limits of your equipment.

Featuring two heavily ribbed claws, it produces an aggressive kicking action that displaces a tremendous amount of water to get bass fired up and aggravated to strike.

If the swimming action isn’t enough to trigger a bite, the Craw Flapper is molded with a special air pocket that makes it stand up in a defensive position, which challenges fish and stimulates ferocious predatory strikes.

Ideal for almost any technique, the Craw Flapper shines when on the back of a jig or on a Texas-rig, but it is also highly effective on a Carolina-rig and even a shaky head.