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Megabass Marine Gang 120F 120 90 F 90S Floating Casting/Trolling Jerkbait

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Marine Gang

The marine gang mounted on the newly developed and amazing LBO system (PAT.). Shaft balancer by bearing internal organ bush" which reduces the frictional resistance generated at the time of movement of the center of gravity to an extreme realizes "instantaneous movement" of the center of gravity.

The instantaneous movement of the balancer causes the "momentary inertial impact" produced by the powerful "propulsion force" to bring out a different dimension trajectory performance that penetrates the counterflow.

Simultaneously with the start of retrieval the bearing bush is instantaneously guided by the neodymium magnetic field and moves to an appropriate swim movable position and closely contacts.

The overwhelming ability of swimming expands the effective tracing zone and swims with outstanding action without violence even in a powerful current or rough wave. The marine gang action is a synchronized real action (PAT.) That pierces the appropriate roll angle and wobbling width and skillfully matches the center of gravity movement axis and the roll action axis.

I want to use genuine oriented Suzuki fishermen High spec surf minnow. The marine gang opens a new ground for the sea bass game. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."


1 pcs / pack


Size : Marine Gang 120F/120S/ 90F/ 90S

Suitable for waters: sea water & fresh water
Suitable fishing method: Casting & Trolling
Target fish: freshwater perch, stiltfish, catfish, mandarin fish

MG120 F 120cm 20g Floating #4 x 2pcs 0-1.4m
MG120 S 120cm 22g Sinking #4 x 2pcs 0-1.4m
MG 90 F 90cm 10.5g Floating #6 x 2pcs 0-1.2m
MG 90 S 90cm 11.5g Sinking #6 x 2pcs 0-1.2m


Marine Gang 120S /90S

The Megabass Marine Gang 120S is the
bigger brother of the Marine Gang 90S. Its a
sleek profiled, roundish-bodied, 120mm,
22grams, sinking, minnow fishing lure that is
designed for midwater diving action.

The Marine Gang 120S comes equipped with a
short, narrow 13mm bib, angled downwards at
approximately ’45 degrees‘ from its horizontal
position, which will make the lure dive to
between 1 to 2 meters depending on the rate of

Coupled with the shape and profile of the lure,
the Marine Gang 120S will produce a tight
head wobble and accentuated body roll,
allowing for maximum light to reflect off its
flanks as it is being retrieved.

What however makes this lure standout is its
‘LBO transfer weights system hence’, a first
amongst all other manufacturers. It comprises
of a cylindrical tungsten weight transfer system
mounted on a circular shaft that runs on a
cushion of ball bearings that are housed within
the weight transfer system, to produce ZERO
resistance in the movement of the weight
transfer system.

What this translates into is superior casting
distance, as it allows for the most efficient transfer of weight from the mid-section of the lure to its rear with each cast.

In addition, because of the ZERO resistance of
the LBO system, the Marine Gang will respond
faster than any other lure with a conventional
weight transfer system to go into a dive position
once it hit the water.

Check the video here.
The Megabass Marine Gang’s LBO system is
indeed an improvement over the prior art, but
more importantly, a must have for both roofblei
as sea bass connoisseurs who require
maximum casting distance to be able to get
their lure into the strike zone!!!


1. Equipped with the LBO system, the maximum casting distance is increased by 20% (With Megabass Products).

2. The inertial impact generated by the super-low resistance weight.

3. The devastating action response that allows for instant swimming.

4. Inertial impact caused by ultra-low resistance weight

5. Ball bearings are in contact with the inner wall of the lane, and heavy objects are transferred

6. With the highest level of durability in the world, it can withstand more than 100 million times

Low center of gravity + multipurpose center of gravity movement system (PAT.)

The balancer fixed at the front low center of gravity position overlaps with the roll axis of the rolling action, creating a more dynamic action.
The rear movement balancer is equipped with the multipurpose center of gravity movement system Mk-2 (PAT.), Which not only extends the flight distance but also contributes to the production of trick actions.

High specific gravity tungsten small diameter balancer.

Equipped with high specific gravity tungsten small-diameter balance weights to ensure a long weight channel and a slim body.
Two high-density, small-diameter balancers are moved to the end of the body during the casting process, realizing a new dimension of "flying" that far exceeds the flight distance of traditional bass.
In addition, jerk and twitch created various tricks.
In addition, the low-center-of-gravity fixed weight set at the front of the body exhibits excellent stability and sharp rolling motion when released in a straight line.

The curved trajectory of the SR-X series when trembling.
ONETEN is the first time to search or simply go and stop, and swim left and right in a "fluttering" orbit.
The straight swimming can be changed to effectively catch active fish.

History of MEGABASS

The birth of Megabass in the U.S. is the stuff of legend, involving a cross-country trek in the early 90’s, in which the Megabass designer/CEO Yuki Ito challenged pro staff of local stores and area pros to one-on-one fishing duels. The rules were simple: if Yuki Ito won, the store had to buy his lures; if the U.S. angler won, then Yuki had to buy local tackle from the store. This “put your money where your mouth is” approach, combined with the quality and flat out fish-catching ability that was evident in Yuki’s handcrafted Megabass equipment, succeeded in convincing stores to take on this premium imported tackle.

Today Megabass still embodies that daring spirit. Each product is a painstaking marriage of handmade form and technological innovation. Megabass strives to capture the same care, quality, and attention to detail embodied by the handmade tradition. In a modern age dominated by CAD and mass production, every Megabass lure is based on a hand-carved Yuki Ito original. Each stage of the development process is closely monitored with exacting quality controls to ensure that the mechanical process of production does not whitewash the integrity of the original.

Little has changed since Megabass’ birth in a garage in 1986 at the hands and ideals of Yuki Ito. Today Megabass continues this tradition of innovation, quality, and custom handicraft, never losing sight of the angler’s hands for which each Megabass® product is painstakingly made.

Formed in 2013, Megabass of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Megabass, Inc., and is responsible for brand strategy, product development, sales, and marketing in North America, and sales and business development in Central America, South America, and Africa.