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RUNCL PowerFluoro 274M 5-32LB Fluorocarbon Coated Clear Fishing Leader Line

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RUNCL Power Fluoro Fishing Line
Virtually invisible, ultimate strength, faster sinking, extra sensitivity, UV resistance

1. Advanced wide angle technology - the smooth super line.
2. Improved color fastness.
3. Long and fast casting - smoother than ever
4. Super sensitivity - instant feel for structure and strikes
5. Exceptional strength and toughness

Product Detail

Brand: RUNCL
Model: RUNCL PowerFluoro
Spool Sizes:274M
Material: Fluorocarbon Coated
Color Options:Clear

Package Included

1 Piece Fishing Line

Hybrid Line

The PowerFluoro is constructed of a 100% fluorocarbon outer coating with copolymer core, the fluorocarbon coating produces outstanding shock strength, abrasion resistance and knot strength to deliver the ultimate in impact strength, and added copolymer that adds flexibility, knot strength and reduced memory

Virtually Invisible

The fluorocarbon's light-refractive index is nearly identical to water, makes line virtually invisible to fish in the water for a stealthy presentation, which can be used in any water conditions

Low Stretch & Extra Sensitivity

Possess a constant uniform diameter with low stretch and extra sensitivity, letting you feel even the slightest bite from fish. You'll soon see your catch ratio shooting up!

Faster Sinking

Features high-density construction with non-absorbency (it won't freeze, which makes it great for ice fishing), helps to sink faster than monofilament of the same diameter, allows lures to rapidly reach the desired trolling depth to catch the fish

Ultimate Strength

The PowerFluoro's amazing strength allows it to withstand sudden, aggressive strikes and deliver solid hooksets, provides excellent shock strength, abrasion resistance and knot strength for maximum castability