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7 Spring Fishing Tips

7 Early Season Fishing Tips

1. Search for Warm Water

With the weather still iffy, you'll want to plan any fishing for warmer days. This is largely because early season fish prefer warmer water. This might involve looking for shallow areas of the lake that are able to warm faster.

2. Don't Start Too Early

To piggyback off the above point, you don't want to start fishing too early. Like we said, it's best to fish warmer water, and the later in the day you start, the warmer the water is likely to be. Afternoons are often best to fish in the early season as this time of day allows the water to warm from the sun.

3. Don't Get Complacent

The weather isn't the only thing that changes when spring arrives — waters also vary as well. It's why we suggest fishing where there's a current change or where there's good water clarity in the early parts of the season. Make sure you switch up your routine from where you'd spend summer and fall angling.

4. Use Small Tackle

Fish are often less aggressive in the early spring months, so don't bust out your big lures or reel in too fast. Consider downsizing your bait and try to use live bait to really catch the fish's attention.

5. Consider a Fish Attractant

fish attractant, such as those offered by BaitCloud, are safe and effective. All you need to do is toss them into the water where you're fishing and the ingredients that are packed inside should immediately catch the attention of any fish in the area, bringing them closer to you. There are also fish attractant inserts that can integrate directly with your bait.

6. Don't Set the Hook Too Fast

Like we said earlier, fish are still somewhat slow in the early months of the season, so you don't want to set the hook too fast when you get a bite. We'd suggest waiting an extra second or two compared to how you'd usually fish.

7. Be Patient

Don't get discouraged if you're not getting any action out on the water. As we said, fish tend to be moving somewhat slow in the spring and your results may not be as fruitful as they'd be at other periods of the year.