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Seaguar TATSU 200YDS/183M 6-12LB Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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Seaguar's new carbon road main line has been tested to be more than 30% softer than other brands of carbon on the market. I is a softer and more suitable caster, not only for spinning wheels but also for drip wheels. The fishing line has super strong pulling force, and has very good sensitivity to enable the fisherman to perceive the fish message and hook it up in the first time. This line can be used for any water in brackish water, due to 100% pure Carbon fiber extraction technology, compared with other nylon threads, I is almost invisible in water. SiG carbon wire is coated with special technology, completely free from UV ultraviolet rays, free from chemical substances, high linear density, cold water. It does not become brittle.  

Seaguar is the world's first manufacturer to produce and invent carbon wire. It uses its own carbon slurry and extraction technology to produce fishing line. It is the originator of carbon wire and carbon front wire. Seaguar brand products have been widely accepted by the world and is a favourite of professional fisherman the world over.

Tatsu™ – Japanese for dragon – delivers an amazingly strong, yet supple, fluorocarbon line unlike any other through a superior, state-of-the-art double-structure process. It fuses two custom, 100% fluorocarbon resins, creating the world's only double-structure main line. Fill your spool with Tatsu™ and fish fierce.


World's Only Double-Structure Main Line Fluoro


TATSU has a tough, but soft exterior, while hiding an inner strength incomparable to any other line on the planet. TATSU is a Double Structure Fluorocarbon (DSF) line. Made with two custom, 100% Seaguar Fluorocarbon resins, extruded in one solid piece, TATSU is simply the best of the very best in Seaguar lines. No other competitor can match Seaguar's proprietary extrusion process that releases the performance power of this uniquely structured line. Seaguar's strongest and softest line, TATSU is the apex of Fluorocarbon.

Line Details:

6LB/ 2.7KG  Length:200YD/ 183M Diameter:0.205mm

8LB/ 3.6KGLength:200YD/ 183MDiameter:0.235mm

10LB/ 4.5KGLength:200YD/ 183MDiameter:0.260mm

12LB/ 5.4KGLength:200YD/ 183MDiameter:0.285mm

15LB/ 6.8KGLength:200YD/ 183MDiameter:0.330mm