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Megabass FLAP SLAP 77mm/10.63g Jerkbait

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The rare masterpiece "FLAPSLAP" is equipped with the new-generation center-of-gravity teleportation system "LBOII". Its amazing rolling and fluttering action swept the world's fields with overwhelming fishing results. The center of gravity balance is realized by coaxially and synchronizing the roll action axis, the point of force, and the point of action. at the same time.

FLAPSLAP perfectly synchronizes with tall baits such as Sappa, Kohada, and Horse Mackerel that live in the waters near Japan that are preyed on by Gulf Sea Bass. The waves and flash impacts that cannot be produced by ordinary minnows bring a different dimension of feeding magic.


Slow Floating
Max 1.8m
#6 x 2pcs

1 pc/ pack


With VISION95, I.T.O's shaft lancer system has broken new ground as a new system for next-generation jerkbaits. This lure applies the "swaying motion" of the crankshaft to generate amazing rolling action and flap & slap action that could not be seen with conventional shad type lures.

In twitching and jerking, it is a new type of flat side secret that anyone can easily pull out a slap action that gives off a strong impact that sets up a bite that conventional minnows could not. A new generation flat side lure flap slap that foresees the inevitability of shallow capture in the near future.

By laying out the shaft balancer, FLAPSLAP achieves an ultra-slim packaging that surpasses the limits of the body volume allowance of conventional injection hard baits. With the synergistic effect of the built-in mouse lip form with flash surface realized by LIP IN BAIT, you can fly even a medium heavy action bait rod to your heart's content.

FLAP SLAP's outstanding long castability, which overturns the common sense of shad plugs, realizes a long distance approach in strong winds, where conventional shad lures could not be used.

For the rankers of the major lakes, the unexperienced vibration, unique action, and vivid flashing flash are unique to the flat side, as they switch on monsters that have become weaker in response to big baits.

In addition, FLAPSLAP has a super slim body, such as the obstacle avoidance ability reminiscent of MARGAY, which can attack shallows without hesitation, and the blunt pendulum action after the retrieve is stopped, which was fascinated by VISION95. , Condenses the experience that produces fishing results. Cunning monsters can't escape I.T.O. technology again.


77mm,3/8oz. ,10.63g
Max 1.5m
#6 x 2pcs


Crankshaft balancer system (PAT.)

The world's first I.T.O. shaft balancer mechanism adopted in VISION95. In FLAPSLAP, only the tail end of the low center of gravity shaft balancer set on the roll axis is biased from the roll axis. The intense wacky action created by the overturning motion of the cranked shaft demonstrates dynamism that could not be created with a slim shad body.

The acrobatic action created by twitching and jerking, which could not be produced with conventional slim minnows, is the reason why it is called "flap slap". In addition, FLAPSLAP also inherits the "swinging back" action that shakes the body after retrieving, which was turned on in many of the VISION95.


By installing a shaft balancer mechanism, FLAPSLAP agitates water while rolling violently left and right like VISION95 in free winding. In addition, the pendulum action (PENDULUM ACTION) that causes the body to tremble at the moment you stop retrieving and makes the fish that follows you unintentionally use its mouth.

The crankshaft built into the FLAPSLAP generates more movement than a straight shaft because the shaft shakes when rolling. It is a shaft designed to bring a greater impact to the wide and flat body unique to FLAPSLAP.


FLAPSLAP smoothly dodges structures scattered in the shallow area of 1-1.5M water depth (riprap, laydown, timber, tetra, top of the weed extending 1-1.5M below the water surface...) The unique flat and wide body sides create powerful water displacement while emitting a strong flushing impact. In the free roll, a wacky blinking flash is generated while stirring the water with a wide rolling on the left and right. If you stop retrieving, it invites you with the action (pendulum action) that makes you tremble, which has a reputation in VISION95.

In this way, FLAPSLAP has excellent castability, high structure avoidance ability, and brilliant impact as a weapon, and has the power to switch on active fish that are inserted into the shallows. In addition, the adoption of the shaft balancer system (PAT.) enables a silent approach that does not make you wary of big fish that tend to spook.


The amazing rolling and flap & slap action with the built-in shaft balancer has earned a unique reputation not only in Japan but also overseas.

After achieving a center of gravity balance that synchronizes and synchronizes the roll action axis, the point of force, and the point of action, the instant movement of the center of gravity dramatically improves castability, and the moment of landing on the water that has never been possible with lure engineering so far.

Realize the speed of swimming.
While following the original action, the screw roll rolling that has been made higher pitch emits a vivid high pitch flash and completely reproduces the escaping shad. Please experience a different dimension flat side game.


Max 1.8m
#6 x 2pcs


1 pcs / pack

About MegaBass:


Megabass in the U.S. is the stuff of legend, involving a cross-country trek in the early 90’s, in which the Megabass designer/CEO Yuki Ito challenged pro staff of local stores and area pros to one-on-one fishing duels. The rules were simple: if Yuki Ito won, the store had to buy his lures; if the U.S. angler won, then Yuki had to buy local tackle from the store. This “put your money where your mouth is” approach, combined with the quality and flat out fish-catching ability that was evident in Yuki’s handcrafted Megabass equipment, succeeded in convincing stores to take on this premium imported tackle.

Today Megabass still embodies that daring spirit. Each product is a painstaking marriage of handmade form and technological innovation. Megabass strives to capture the same care, quality, and attention to detail embodied by the handmade tradition. In a modern age dominated by CAD and mass production, every Megabass lure is based on a hand-carved Yuki Ito original. Each stage of the development process is closely monitored with exacting quality controls to ensure that the mechanical process of production does not whitewash the integrity of the original.

Little has changed since Megabass’ birth in a garage in 1986 at the hands and ideals of Yuki Ito. Today Megabass continues this tradition of innovation, quality, and custom handicraft, never losing sight of the angler’s hands for which each Megabass® product is painstakingly made.

Formed in 2013, Megabass of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Megabass, Inc., and is responsible for brand strategy, product development, sales, and marketing in North America, and sales and business development in Central America, South America, and Africa.