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Tsurinoya ASSAULT Topwater Buzzbait

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With a large buzz blade and a high quality aluminum alloy clacker, the ASSAULT Buzzbait churns up a generous amount of water and produces a metallic acoustic, calling bass out of the depths and forcing them to attack.

Product Features:

1. Make the noise stop

This blade delivering an annoyingly loud clacker when hitting a prop triggers explosive strikes from bass just to make the noise stop

2. Create agitation and attract fish

The ASSAULT Buzzbait comes equipped with an oversized blade that spits and sprays water, causing a tremendous topwater commotion that calls fish in from greater distances

3. It is a flat and wide type

Adopting a shape similar to the hull (bottom of the ship) contributes to the improvement of floating performance, makes it possible to hesitate the floating structure without stress, and realizes the basic performance of buzz bait at a high level

4. A weight was placed between the head and the worm keeper to create a rear center of gravity

Succeeded in surpassing the head hitter type in stable flight attitude and castability

5. The skirts swim like a baitfish tail fin

Blurring the presence of trailer hooks, and invite the bass with a live-action of the skirt

6. A razor-sharp

Long shank hook for lightning-fast hook penetration

Product Detail:
1. Type: Topwater Buzzbait Fishing Lure
2. Weight: 12g 15g 26g
3. Length: About 11.2cm 12.3cm 14.8cm
4. Colors: 8