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North Moon 30ml Fishing Bait Attractants

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This natural fishing bait attractant will help you catch more fish!  Using natural fish oils, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients this product from North Moon creates a scent fish cannot resist.  When added to bait, it can stimulate the central nervous system of the fish producing a strong sense of appetite.  This product is suitable for all kinds of fish.  

1. Add it more on cold weather, add less on hot weather, add more in water with more organic matter, and less in water with less organic matter, and adjust according to the actual situation.
2. No more than ten sprays per 100g of bait/nest material.

Name: Fishing Attractants Lure Spray
Capacity: 30ml
Shelf life: 3 years
Area of use: Reservoir/Lake/River/Ocean
Suitable for all kinds of fish species: crucian carp / carp / grass / silver carp / green / bream / tilapia / bighead carp and other freshwater fish like pike bass trout salmon / marine fish / crustaceans